Planned Projects

The creation of a community park and the landscaping of the central square and the old faucet.

The acceleration of the rehabilitation of the old landfill and the creation of a large park in the year 2012.


The creation and proclamation of nature trails in the Kotsiatis river area and another leading from the village square towards the Kefalovriso well. A project that will attract many foreign visitors to our community and will help its economic development. 

The subscription of trails on public roads and the construction of a bridge which will lead to the area next to the golf course, in order to promote the further development of our community. 

The improvement and alignment of the central St. Marina avenue as well as all the roads of the community. 

The construction of sidewalks where possible and retaining walls with traditional stone.

The creation and maintenance of new green spaces.

The construction of a new modern high- capacity water tank for the greater needs of the community.

The continuation of our efforts to move the pig farm from the Marathounta area.

Planned Projects

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