Community Building Renovation

Until recently, the community council building served as an entertainment center, and this created a chaotic situation which also affected the operation of the community office at the time. For that reason, the council proceeded with radical changes, i.e. with the renovation of the building as well as the building of new constructions, which in turn will help the proper functioning of the community council, the right services, learning, education and entertainment of the citizens. To achieve these goals, a new modern office with the necessary equipment was created, as well as a multi-purpose hall which will assist in teaching, educating and entertaining young people and all the residents of the community.

For this purpose, the hall has been properly fitted with the installation of four sophisticated computers, a wireless Internet connection, and the installation of a special projector, a stereo system and a television. Also, the multi-purpose room has a fully equipped kitchen for the easy functioning of any gathering or event and can be permitted to the residents of the community. 


Photos of Community Council

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