Other major projects that have been completed


Streetlights along the main St. Marina avenue.

The construction of premix on St. Marina avenue and on the streets of Constantine and Helen, Evagora Palikaridi, Lord Byron, Regina and Apallona, as well as all the streets of the community in general.

The marking of roads and the installation of mirrors for the safe exiting of vehicles from side roads onto St. Marina avenue. 

The construction of shoulders along St. Marina avenue and on Grigori Afxentiou street, for better regulation of the speed limit.

The naming of streets and the appointment of a postman for doorstep delivery of mail.

The creation of bus stops with the contribution of the Yeroskipou CO-OP.

Following consultation with the Ministry of Communications and Works and the Paphos Transport Organization Ltd (OSYPA LTD), it was possible to create a bus route from our community toward the schools as well as transport services to the whole of Paphos. 

The purchasing of a crewcab car to serve the needs of the Community Council as well as to serve as a fire truck.

The installation of an electrical generator  and electrical turbine for the drilling and transfer of water for the community towards the park and other green spaces. 

The replacement of the old central conductor and the extension of the water supply to the new residential areas.

Following offers, we proceeded to the appointment of a scholarly architect for the drawing up of plans for the creation of a community park and the landscaping of the old fountain. 

The preliminary study of the Exit-Entrance from the Limassol-Paphos highway. Regarding the above matter, the Community Council has assigned the preparation of the preliminary study/plans to the Company NGA Consulting Engineers.

Flood protection works and the installation of grates on the streets of Evagora Palikaridi and Lord Byron.

Electrical installations for adornment purposes on the stakes of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC).

With regard to the Paphos Local Plan, the expansion of residential areas in order to fairly cover a wide range of landowners in the community, was achieved. The area of expansion is deemed sufficient enough to meet the needs of our community.



Photos from various projects in the community

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