*Late payment must obey the charge of 10%.

Appeals may be submitted within 21 days after receipt of the invoice in Paphos - P.O. Box 60005 – 8100 – Paphos.

The following discounts only apply for Community Services and the Trash of your home.

  1. Pensioners receive a 50% discount upon presentation of pensioner identity.
  2. Needy families (1 parent with dependent/s with a low income) receive a 50% discount.
  3. Upon presentation of identity of having many children, large families receive 50% discount.
  4. For people with three children, 25% discount is granted upon presentation of the invoice and of the birth certificates of their children.

Those who do not pay their debts until December 31st will be charged a penalty of around 10% according to the laws and regulations of the Community Councils.

Discounts can only be made at the Community Council of St. Marinouda upon presentation of proper documentation and upon the provision of copies.